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March 2013

The March 2013 issue of Wisconsin School News looks back at the 92nd State Education Convention. Articles provide recaps of a select handful of the dozens of sessions and events that made up this year’s convention.









Energize and Educate
Author Chester Elton urges school leaders to create a culture that engages all employees

Educating Problem Solvers and Innovators
Noted scholar Tony Wagner says play, passion, and purpose are key to innovation

Education and the American Dream
Chef Jeff Henderson connects success to education

Addressing Public Education
Gov. Scott Walker reviews recent past, provides glimpse to future

Communicate for Safe Schools
Open channels of communication between staff, school leaders, community, and law enforcement is essential

Feeding All Children
Partnerships in Beloit are working to keep children healthy

Keys to a Successful Campaign
Consistent, positive message and listening skills are crucial

Breaking Down Barriers
Anti-bullying program builds consistent, positive message and listening skills are crucial

Report Cards Among Many Changes
Be proactive in talking to the community about school test scores

Partnership for Technical Education
Rural schools and technical college came together to form opportunities for students

Pipeline to Employment
District leaders and businesses in Edgerton are working together to provide opportunities for students

Good Teachers = Good Students
Boosting student achievement by rewarding improvement and collaboration among teachers

Supporting Employee Health
Studies show incentive-based workplace wellness programs promote healthy lifestyles among employees

Removing Barriers for Success
Teacher of the Year emphasizes the importance of student-led education

Dream Manager
Superintendent of the Year: let’s work together to help students reach their dreams

The Education Business
Business official of the year says job is educator not just business

My ‘Take-Aways’ from the State Education Convention
One school board member looks back at Convention


Departments and Columns

Stand Up for Public Education
John H. Ashley

Association News
Be Vigilant
WASB President Patrick Sherman calls on school leaders to continue to fight for public education

Honorees from the State Education Convention

Legal Comment
Seclusion and Restraint

Race for State Superintendent
A Chance to State Their Case
Candidates for State Superintendent answer questions leading up to the April 2 election


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