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Calendar of Events and Notices

WASB Events and Significant Dates under Wisconsin School Law

The WASB Google™ calendar below provides a comprehensive listing of upcoming WASB events along with many significant dates and deadlines related to Wisconsin school law and school board elections.  All users of the WASB Google™ calendar should review the “Important Information” section appearing below the calendar.

Note: Click on a specific item to see additional details and, if desired, add it to a local district calendar.

Important information about this calendar:

  • The general information and references contained within this calendar are provided as a resource to WASB members.  Neither the calendar nor its contents should be construed or used as legal advice.
  • Some dates shown on this calendar need to be verified/adjusted by the user.  For example, special rules may apply when default dates established by state law fall on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.  In addition, some of the dates shown on the calendar are auto-populated from year-to-year and/or are expressly identified as approximations.
  • Not all school-related deadlines, requirements, etc. are reflected on this calendar.  Aside from WASB’s own events, most of the remaining dates appearing on this calendar have been drawn from the Wisconsin statutes.  Additional important dates can be found in state law, DPI publications, DPI rules, federal law, etc.
  • Additional calendar dates that might be of interest to administrators may be found on the DPI Administrators Calendar.
  • If you notice a significant date for school districts that you believe should be considered as a possible addition to this calendar, please contact Sally Sweitzer.
Events and Notices Calendar: Color Key
  • WASB Events – Red
  • Significant Dates Identified from Wisconsin School Law – Green
  • Significant Dates Related to School Board Elections – Purple
  • “Special Observance Days” in Wisconsin Public Schools – Blue
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