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WASB Directors

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For governance purposes, the state is divided into 15 WASB regions. Each member school board has one vote for its regional representative to the board of directors. Directors are elected for three-year terms.

The board of directors is charged with the overall management of the affairs, funds and property of the association. Each year, the board selects from among its members a president, first vice president and second vice president. The executive director serves as the secretary-treasurer.

Region Director Officer School Board
Region 1 Linda Flottum   Turtle Lake
Region 2 Captain Terry McCloskey   Three Lakes
Region 3 Sue Todey President Sevastopol
Region 4 Bill Yingst, Sr. Immediate Past President Durand-Arkansaw
Region 5 James Bouche   Wausau
Region 6 Mary Jo Rozmenoski   Black River Falls
Region 7 Barbara Herzog 1st Vice President Oshkosh
Region 8 Andrew Maertz   Reedsville
Region 9 Mike Humke   Dodgeville
Region 10 Bill Wipperfurth   Lodi
Region 11 Brett Hyde   Muskego-Norway
Region 12 Tom Weber   Sun Prairie
Region 13 Rosanne Hahn 2nd Vice President Burlington
Region 14 Sequanna Taylor   Milwaukee
Region 15 Cherie Rhodes   Slinger

2020 Board of Directors

(2021 Board of Directors photo not available)


From left to right:
Back Row – Lester Spies, Germantown (Region 15) [current Region 15 director is Cherie Rhodes]; Andrew Maertz, Reedsville (Region 8); Captain Terry McCloskey, USN Retired, Three Lakes (Region 2); Tom Weber, Sun Prairie (Region 12); Rosanne Hahn, Burlington (Region 13); Mike Humke, Dodgeville (Region 9); Bill Wipperfurth, Lodi (Region 10); James Bouche, Wausau (Region 5); and Linda Flottum, Turtle Lake (Region 1).

Front Row – Mary Jo Rozmenoski, Black River Falls (Region 6); Brett Hyde, Muskego-Norway (Region 11); Barbara Herzog, Oshkosh (Region 7); Bill Yingst, Sr., Durand-Arkansaw (Region 4); Sue Todey, Sevastopol (Region 3); and Tony Baez, Milwaukee (Region 14). 

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