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WASB Policy Services & Resources

One of your school board’s most important functions is policymaking. Through policy, the board sets goals for the entire school system and provides directives for administrators and other staff to follow while working toward achieving these goals. Policymaking is a continuous process; it doesn’t end once a policy decision is made. Your school board should review its policies on a regular basis.

The WASB is the most comprehensive source of information on policy issues facing Wisconsin school districts.

WASB Policy Resource Guide (PRG)
Your Source of School Policy Information

Written specifically for Wisconsin school boards, the WASB Policy Resource Guide (PRG) is a web-based policy tool designed to assist school boards and administrators in developing policies that best meet local needs and interests. Available on a subscription basis, the Policy Resource Guide includes sample policies that were written by WASB policy and legal services staff, in-depth background information, legal considerations, links to additional resources, and more.

Policy Questions
Contact WASB staff by phone or email with policy questions regarding particular topics, and they will discuss policy-related considerations with you and offer policy development/implementation suggestions on a complimentary basis.
Policy Library Resources
Sample Wisconsin school district policies and other information are available upon request on a wide variety of topics as a complimentary service to all member districts. Contact WASB staff by phone or email to make a request.
Policy Publications

Each month, the complimentary Policy Perspectives newsletter keeps members informed of law changes affecting policy and current policy topics being addressed by Wisconsin school boards. An even more comprehensive policy publication, The FOCUS, is available on a subscription basis. The electronic Legal and Policy Services Newsletter also keeps members informed of the latest developments.

Access an archive of the Legal and Policy Services Newsletter. (Log in required.)

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Hot Policy Topics
When there is an emerging policy topic of interest for all member districts, the WASB posts complimentary policy development information and resources regarding that topic on the WASB website.
Policy Development Materials
Helpful policy development materials and checklists are posted on the WASB website to provide guidance to member districts in reviewing, developing/updating, organizing and implementing their school district policies.
Special Policy Services

The experienced WASB Policy Services team offers a range of policy consulting services tailored to meet a district’s specific policy needs, interests and requirements. These include, but are not limited to, the WASB Policy Manual “Quick Check” service and individual policy reviewing as well as other customized services for more comprehensive policy manual reviewing and updating.

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