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Are you an applicant seeking a superintendent position?

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Are you a board member seeking a superintendent?

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Board Centered, Superintendent Friendly and Data Driven.
Selecting the right superintendent is the school board’s most important role. Finding an instructional leader who will achieve the vision and mission of your schools is an important decision that will directly impact student achievement.

The WASB Search Services is designed to make hiring a superintendent a positive learning experience to help you better serve your district. We offer maximum flexibility to the board and assure total board control in the decision-making process.

National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers

The WASB is an active member of the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS).

Read what others are saying about Search Services:

The WASB provided our district with guidance based on experience, while taking the time to understand our unique needs. Our Consultant’s ability to review candidates and support the selection process was invaluable.

Board Member, Twin Lakes No. 4 School District

The WASB Consultant was knowledgeable and helpful in our search process! She was very quick at getting back to us and answering all our questions.

Board Member, Denmark School District

The WASB Search Services made hiring a superintendent a positive experience that ensured we had a smooth and engaging process that helped us pick the best candidate for our community who fit our mission, vision and goals.

Board Member, Superior School District

Very satisfied with the WASB Search Services. Their professionalism and knowledge were extremely helpful to us in selecting our new superintendent!

Board Member, Westby Area School District