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WASB Staff

General Information, 608-257-2622


Staff by Last Name

Anderson, Shelby, Communications Specialist, 608-512-1701

Ashley, John, Executive Director, 608-512-1702

Barforth, Roxy, Production Room Assistant (Winneconne), 920-582-4443

Birchbauer, Louis, Director of Search Services and Organizational Consulting, 414-218-2805

Blankenheim, Louise, Consultant, 920-286-1864

Brown, Al, Consultant, 715-577-0913

Butler, Robert, Associate Executive Director and Staff Counsel, 608-512-1703

Dorman, Nancy, Director of Policy Services, 608-512-1706

Foegen, Roger, Consultant, 608-790-5836

Forbes, Barry, Associate Executive Director and Staff Counsel, 608-512-1707

Frank, Ingrid, Executive Assistant, 608-512-1725

Fredlund, Susan, Policy Services Consultant, 608-512-1709

Kimball, Teresa, Policy Librarian, 608-512-1714

Koenig, Joe, Director of Finance and Administrative Services, 608-512-1715

Krause, Sheri, Director of Communications, 608-512-1705

Kulow, Christopher, Government Relations Specialist, 608-512-1716

Leavitt, Guy, Consultant, 608-864-0631

Mallin, Dan, Legal and Policy Services Counsel, 608-512-1708

McCarthy, Mark, Director of Information Technology, 608-512-1717

Osburn, Paula, Office Manager (Winneconne), 920-582-4443

Price, Roger, Consultant, 608-212-0990

Qualmann, Amy, Communications Specialist and Event Planner, 608-512-1713

Richards, Dennis, Consultant, 715-896-3846

Richter, Ben, Staff Counsel, 608-512-1719

Rossmiller, Dan, Director of Government Relations, 608-512-1720

Schultz, Rachel, Consultant, 608-604-1465

Smith, Delta,Technology Services Specialist, 608-512-1722

Steffen, George, Consultant, 815-353-9441

Stinski, Cheryl, Consultant, 920-850-4527

Sweitzer, Sally, Paralegal, Search Services Coordinator, 608-512-1721

Welch, Patti, Administrative Assistant, 608-512-1724

Woodburn, Jessica, Bookkeeper, 608-512-1704


John AshleyExecutive Director, 608-512-1702

Ingrid FrankExecutive Assistant, 608-512-1725

Advocacy and Government Relations

Dan RossmillerDirector of Government Relations, 608-512-1720

Christopher KulowGovernment Relations Specialist, 608-512-1716

Patti WelchAdministrative Assistant, 608-512-1724

More information about the WASB advocacy and government relations staff.


Sheri KrauseDirector of Communications, 608-512-1705

Shelby AndersonCommunications Specialist, 608-512-1701

Amy QualmannCommunications Specialist and Event Planner, 608-512-1713

More information about the WASB communications staff.

Financial Operations

Joe KoenigDirector of Finance and Administrative Services, 608-512-1715

Jessica WoodburnBookkeeper, 608-512-1704


Louis BirchbauerGovernance Consultant, 414-218-2805

Al BrownGovernance Consultant, 715-577-0913

Guy LeavittGovernance Consultant, 608-864-0631

Dennis RichardsGovernance Consultant, 715-896-3846

Rachel Schultz, Governance Consultant, 608-604-1465

George SteffenGovernance Consultant, 815-353-9441

Cheryl StinskiGovernance Consultant, 920-850-4527

More information about the WASB consultants.

Information Technology

Mark McCarthyDirector of Information Technology, 608-512-1717

Delta SmithTechnology Services Specialist, 608-512-1722

Legal and Human Resource Services and Information

Robert ButlerAssociate Executive Director and Staff Counsel, 608-512-1703

Barry ForbesAssociate Executive Director and Staff Counsel, 608-512-1707

Dan MallinLegal and Policy Services Counsel, 608-512-1708

Ben RichterStaff Counsel, 608-512-1719

Sally SweitzerParalegal, 608-512-1721

More information about the WASB legal staff.

Organizational Consulting Services

Louis BirchbauerDirector of Search Services and Organizational Consulting, 414-218-2805

Louise Blankenheim, Organizational Consultant, 920-286-1864

Al BrownOrganizational Consultant, 715-577-0913

Roger FoegenOrganizational Consultant, 608-790-5836

Guy LeavittOrganizational Consultant, 608-864-0631

Roger PriceOrganizational Consultant, 608-212-0990

Dennis RichardsOrganizational Consultant, 715-896-3846

Rachel SchultzOrganizational Consultant, 608-604-1465

George SteffenOrganizational Consultant, 815-353-9441

More information about the WASB consultants.

Policy Services

Nancy DormanDirector of Policy Services, 608-512-1706

Susan FredlundPolicy Services Consultant, 608-512-1709

Teresa KimballPolicy Librarian, 608-512-1714

Dan Mallin, Legal and Policy Services Counsel, 608-512-1708

More information about the WASB policy staff.

Production Services

Paula OsburnOffice Manager, 920-582-4443

Roxy BarforthProduction Room Assistant, 920-582-4443

Search Services

Louis BirchbauerDirector of Search Services and Organizational Consulting, 414-218-2805

Louise Blankenheim, Search Services Consultant, 920-286-1864

Al Brown, Search Services Consultant, 715-577-0913

Roger Foegen, Search Services Consultant, 608-790-5836

Guy Leavitt, Search Services Consultant, 608-864-0631

Dennis Richards, Search Services Consultant, 715-896-3846

Rachel Schultz, Search Services Consultant, 608-604-1465

George Steffen, Search Services Consultant, 815-353-9441

Sally Sweitzer, Search Services Coordinator, 608-512-1721

More information about the WASB consultants.