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Search Services: Application Process

The WASB Search Services application process for superintendent positions has two stages.

  1. Stage One materials will be associated with all searches in which you are interested.
  2. Stage Two materials are specifically related to one district’s superintendent search.

Send all application materials as PDF attachments to Sally Sweitzer: We will send an email confirming receipt within two days of receiving materials.

Stage One of the Application Process

Stage One materials are applicable to all superintendent searches. Stage One materials include:

  • Stage One Application
  • Current resume´ (Refer to the Stage One Application sections IIIc through VII.)
  • Wisconsin Superintendent-District Administrator license (5003) or proof of eligibility. Applicants must send a current professional license copy and/or any correspondence indicating eligibility for WI district administrator’s license. Any questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensing staff.
  • Official transcripts including bachelor’s degree and forward should be sent directly from the institutions to the WASB. Both electronic and hard copy official transcripts are acceptable. In the event there is not enough time to send official transcripts before a deadline, copies may be submitted in the meantime and will suffice until the official transcripts are received. Official transcripts must be requested by the time an applicant receives a first interview.

Stage One application materials need to be updated when changes affect the information. Once on file, copies of all Stage One materials will be sent to a district for their superintendent search along with the completed Stage Two materials.

Stage Two of the Application Process

Stage Two materials are specific to each district’s search. Stage Two documents include:

  • A letter of intent.
  • Stage Two Application and essays written in response to questions in the Stage Two Application. Each essay should be no more than one page in length. Use a minimum font size of 12pt and cite specific examples from personal experiences.
  • Three letters of recommendation.

A brochure and Stage Two Application related to each district’s search may be found on our Wisconsin Superintendent Searches webpage. The brochure provides information, in more detail than the Vacancy Notice, about the district and its community. A timeline of important events related to the superintendent search can be found on last page of the brochure. Once on file, copies of all Stage Two materials will be sent to a district for their superintendent search along with the completed Stage One materials.

An email confirmation will be sent within 2 business days of receiving application materials. If confirmation is not received, please call Sally Sweitzer at 608.512.1721. It is important to know that application materials are complete and arrived in time. Stage One and Stage Two application materials may be submitted at the same time; however, if submitted near the deadline, there will be a very short window in which to provide any missing materials to the WASB.

Thank you for your interest in the WASB Search Services. If you have questions, contact Sally Sweitzer at 608-512-1721 or