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Subscription Information

A one-year subscription to the WASB Online Learning Platform allows the full board, district administrator and one administrative assistant to access all of the introductory and advanced modules for one year. Board members in subscribing districts each receive 50 WASB Member Recognition Points each year the subscription is active.


  • Districts with 3-5 member school boards: $795 per district
  • Districts with 7-11 member school boards: $995 per district

Contact the WASB to subscribe.

Access begins May 2021. To launch the Platform, the WASB is providing three live webinars to subscribers in May for the Board Officer Training module. See below for details.

Details about the modules are available below.

Watch for updates as new modules and resources are added.


Live Board Officer Trainings in May 2021 for subscribers

 Board Presidents: Leading the School Board

Thursday, May 6, 7 pm (Link to be added in Board Officer Training module)

Being assigned, appointed or elected to an officer position on the school board can provide you with an opportunity to lead, but the title alone does not identify you as a leader. In this webinar, learn the difference between managing and leading the school board. Learn from experienced board presidents on how they perceive their role and how they navigate challenging situations to maintain a level of trust and influence among their members. This webinar will describe how effective leadership can develop and sustain a highly functional school board and identify character traits that build trust in you as a leader.

Running Effective School Board Meetings Webinar

Thursday, May 13, 7 pm (Link to be added in Board Officer Training module)

All school boards conduct their business in similar meetings. However, the effectiveness of their meetings can vary widely. How a board conducts its meetings can impact the board’s success in moving the needle on student achievement. In this webinar, experienced WASB school attorneys review the role of the board president in running the meeting. They also review board member roles as well as how to structure meetings to conduct an effective board meeting. (Note: Public comment periods and public participation at board meetings are addressed in a separate webinar.)

Board President’s Statutory Responsibilities Webinar

Thursday, May 20, 7 pm (Link to be added in Board Officer Training module)

The school board president has a number of legally required responsibilities as well as some legal powers that may be exercised depending upon the local district’s policies. In this webinar, WASB school attorneys will review the board president’s role in fulfilling the office’s statutorily required duties and provide information pertaining to powers that may be exercised by the board president based on local policy.

Introductory Modules

Understanding the Legal Role of the School Board 

Includes webinars on:

  • Board Operational Policies
  • Open Meetings Law
  • Public Records Law
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Social Media Use and Other Communications by Board Members

Available June 2021: Understanding the Governing Role of the School Board

Includes webinars on:

  • Governance Team Relationships
  • Policy Development
  • School Board Goal Setting
  • Key Considerations in School District Budgeting
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Introduction to Community Engagement
  • The Politics of Being a Board Member

Advanced Modules

Board Officer Training

More details available soon

Includes webinars on:

  • Board Presidents: Leading the School Board
  • Running Effective School Board Meetings
  • Board President’s Statutory Responsibilities
  • Board Clerk Duties
  • Board Treasurer Duties
  • Public Comment Periods

Developing Governance and Leadership Skills

Includes webinars on:

  • Onboarding New Members
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Conflicts
  • Leadership Coaching for Board Presidents
  • Leading with Certainty During Uncertain Times

Building a Strong Board/Superintendent Relationship

Includes webinars on:

  • Hiring the Superintendent
  • Administrator Contracts
  • Evaluating the Superintendent

The Judicial Role of the School Board

Includes webinars on:

  • Student Expulsion Hearings
  • Individual Teacher Contracts and the Nonrenewal Process
  • Complaint and Grievance Procedures
  • Law Enforcement Interactions and School Safety Plans

School Finance

Includes webinars on:

  • School Finance 101
  • School District Referenda
  • School Budgeting Cycle

Administrative Topics

Includes webinars on:

  • Hiring Teachers
  • FMLA: State and Federal Requirements
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