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Customized Leadership Services

The WASB provides comprehensive, customized training, support, resources and inspiration to school boards and superintendents to maximize their effectiveness in carrying out their respective leadership roles.

The WASB Customized Leadership Services can address a wide range of governance issues and/or help districts confront specific challenges and circumstances. From developing a vision and working on board-superintendent relations to developing a master plan, the WASB is here to help.

The WASB Customized Leadership Services have access to WASB Legal and Human Resources Services, WASB Policy Services, and the WASB Advocacy and Government Relations team as well as a diverse team of consultants with an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, training and experience in school district leadership.

Frequently, districts discover that what they think is one issue is actually a combination of issues that requires a multi-faceted resolution. The WASB consultants have the ability to tap into a vast array of services and experience, putting them in a unique position to bring together a team of resources to address nearly any issue.

Governance Consulting Services
The work of school board members is best accomplished when they work as a Board-Superintendent leadership team. Through trainings and services, the goal of the WASB is to develop board member’s ability to lead their districts’ efforts to implement change that will lead to improved student achievement. Learn more.

To help districts get started in their governance work, the WASB has teamed up with School Perceptions to provide the Annual Board Development Tool – an online survey provided as a complimentary service to help school boards identify their areas of strength and alignment as well as where further dialogue and discussion is needed.

Organizational Consulting Services

The WASB Organizational Consulting Services provides member school districts with a wide range of services in analyzing and evaluating systems and programs, developing master and strategic plans, and resolving unique challenges. The WASB Organizational Consulting Services is designed to provide experienced, objective and non-biased assistance to member school districts on any issue before them. Learn more.

Organizational Consulting Services includes Master Planning.

Contact the WASB today for a free consultation.

Barry Forbes, WASB Associate Executive Director and Staff Counsel or 608-512-1707

Louise Blankenheim, WASB Director of Organizational Consulting Services or 920-286-1864

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