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WASB/WSAA School Law Conference

Feb. 24, 2022

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Legislative Update

Upcoming Events

Policy Resource Guide

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- 13 hours ago

The three-day 2022 State Education Convention starts tomorrow morning. Registration opens at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. Visit our convention website to find the link to the hub: #2022EdCon
h J R

- 15 hours ago

Among the special exhibits inside the State Education Convention's Exhibit Hall is an outdoor classroom from @BurkePlayground. Find all the exhibitors here: #2022EdCon
h J R

- 16 hours ago

If you have thoughts about your pre-convention workshop or breakout session, please share it and tag it with #2022EdCon.
h J R

Upcoming Events

Jan. 19-21: 2022 State Education Convention (registration required)\

Feb. 15: Individual Contracts and the Nonrenewal Process Webinar

Feb. 24: WASB/WSAA School Law Conference (registration required)


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Stand Up for Public Education

Public education is the cornerstone of our economy, our democracy and our society. Stand Up for Public Education is an effort to help local school districts spread the word about their students’ successes and how they benefit their communities. Follow the blog to keep track of  innovations in schools across Wisconsin, along with stories that will make you smile. 

“The WASB provides unparalleled information, guidance and networking opportunities.

I strongly encourage board members to take advantage of the vast knowledge of the staff. The WASB resources will make you a better and more effective school board member.”

Patrick Sherman
Lake Geneva UHS School Board

“We are fortunate as board members to have the WASB as a one-stop shop in which we can seek assistance to provide the best possible education for all of our students regardless of the size or the location of our districts.”

Sue Todey
Sevastopol School Board

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