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Thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 State Education Convention!

Convention Photo Gallery

Members are welcome to download photos from the complete photo gallery of the event. (Select a photo and use the down arrow button in the top navigation bar to download the photo for free.)

We’ve chosen a few dozen images that sum up the convention. To scroll through the select gallery below, place your cursor over the images, then click the arrows on the right or left side.

WASB Connection Podcast

The third episode of our new podcast includes highlights from all four keynotes, all three student performances and interviews with more than a dozen speakers and attendees.

Give it a listen in the podcast player below or wherever you listen to podcasts, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Convention Testimonial

It’s good to have somebody you can bounce off of to get good advice rather than struggle with issues that maybe you think are specific to your district when they’re not. … Being a community member doesn’t necessarily qualify you to make decisions in education but WASB and events like the convention or leadership institutes help fill in the management gap, that knowledge that you need to be an educated board member.

Cindy Milgram

President, Richmond School District Board of Education

Graphic Recordings

A graphic recorder created posters with words and images summarizing Scott McLeod’s keynote speech and his two breakout sessions.

Click them to see a larger version.

Coming Soon: Student Convention Video

A team of six students from Tomah High School diligently interviewed speakers and attendees to create a video documenting the convention. We’ll post it here when it’s ready.

Convention Testimonial

I think people think it’s just superintendents, it’s just school boards, it’s just business managers because those are the three organizations that host this. But it really gives me an insight into what the issues are at a state level and at a local level that I really can then take home and help my superintendent do a better job of serving our community and help my school board do a better job and it gives me more of that 360-foot view instead of always the more localized tunnel vision that I think we can get in our districts.

Joelle Doye

Communications Director, Mineral Point Unified School District

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