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Title IX Training: Meeting the Mandates of the 2020 Title IX Regulations

In August of 2020, Title IX regulations regarding sexual harassment in public schools took effect. The regulations require specific training for each Title IX coordinator as well as for the individuals who are assigned designated roles in the process that the school adopts for resolving formal complaints of Title IX sexual harassment (i.e., investigators, decision-makers and facilitators of informal resolutions).

The WASB staff worked with the law firm of Boardman & Clark to provide training packages.  The packages include webinars and training materials that school districts can purchase to satisfy the federal requirements.

The training packages are available at the district level as a year-long (July 1 to June 30) subscription in pricing tiers that are based on how many staff will be accessing the role-specific content in the mandatory modules (i.e., modules 1 through 3).  For detailed information about what the training modules include, see below.

Every purchase of a training package includes:

  • The opportunity to access the webinars and training materials for each module.
  • Permission to post the training materials on the district’s website (the Title IX regulations include a mandate to make certain training materials available on the district’s website).
  • The opportunity to obtain a “Certificate of Completion” for training that is mandated by the Title IX regulations (i.e., modules 1 through 3).

A district’s Title IX Coordinator(s) should normally complete modules 1, 2, 3, and 6, though certain introductory portions of module 2 and module 3 can be skipped since that content is already covered within module 1.  The content of module 6 goes beyond the regulatory mandates, but it includes information that is critical for any Title IX Coordinator.

Contact the WASB with any questions or for assistance.

Training Module Content

Each purchase of a training package includes, at a minimum, access to the following modules:

I. Training Mandated by Title IX Regulations (Certificate of Completion will be available)

    • Module 1:  Comprehensive Overview of the 2020 Title IX Regulations for Title IX Coordinators.
    • Module 2:  Specialized Training for Investigators and Decision-Makers in the Title IX Grievance Process (Title IX Coordinators should also complete this module)
    • Module 3:  Facilitating an Informal Resolution to a Formal Complaint of Sexual Harassment Under Title IX (Title IX Coordinators and any other person who may serve as a facilitator should complete this module)

II. Beyond Minimum Compliance: Expanded Training/Staff Development

    • Module 4:  What All School Employees Need to Know about Sexual Harassment Under the 2020 Title IX Regulations
      The “all staff” module consists of materials that can be covered in about 25-30 minutes.  Longer versions of the module are also available for districts that wish to present an overview or refresher regarding sexual harassment, more generally, in addition to the material that is more narrowly focused on Title IX.  School districts may customize the materials with information from their own policies and procedures, if desired. Non-customized recorded presentations of the materials are available, and the links to those recordings may be shared within the district.
    • Module 5:  What All Principals and other Supervisors Need to Know about Sexual Harassment Under the 2020 Title IX Regulations
      This module conveys significant information about the 2020 Title IX regulations to those administrators and administrators who do not have a direct, designated Title IX role (i.e., the person is not a Title IX Coordinator or an investigator, decision-maker, or facilitator within the local Title IX grievance process for formal complaints of sexual harassment). School districts may customize the materials with information from their own policies and procedures, if desired. A non-customized recorded presentation of the materials is available, and the link to the recording may be shared within the district.
    • Module 6:  Beyond Sexual Harassment: The Full Role and Responsibilities of a K-12 Title IX Coordinator
      This component covers additional aspects of sex discrimination under Title IX that every Title IX Coordinator needs to know to be effective in the role, such as:
      • Sex discrimination in extracurricular activities, including athletics
      • Disparate treatment of individuals based on sex
      • Transgender individuals under Title IX
To purchase the Title IX Training for your district:

The cost of the training packages (access for one school year) are tiered based on how many staff will be registered for and accessing the role-specific content in the mandatory modules (i.e., modules 1 through 3).  The individuals who complete the mandatory module(s) that apply to their designated Title IX role(s) are eligible to receive a “Certificate of Completion.”  When determining which package level the district wishes to order, do not count any employees who will complete ONLY module 4 (“all employee”) or module 5 (“all supervisors/administrators”).    

  • $475 Package: District access to all modules with up to 5 employees eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion
  • $575 Package: District access to all modules with up to 10 employees eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion
  • $675 Package: District access to all modules with an unlimited number of employees eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion

Attention WASB Policy Resource Guide Subscribers: Contact the WASB for a separate package opportunity.

Training modules available through July 1-June 30.

(Note: The following steps are intended for the person who has access to and is authorized to make purchases for the district. This is typically the district administrator, business official and/or district administrative assistant.)

For a district subscribing for the first time:

  • Log in to the WASB website and click on “My Portal”
  • On your district’s portal page, scroll down to Subscriptions
  • Click “Subscribe to a Subscription”
  • Select the package that best suits your district’s needs

Questions? If you would like to ask about pricing or re-subscribing, contact Jessica Woodburn of the WASB at or 608-512-1704. For questions about how the substantive content of the different modules is intended to be used, please contact Dan Mallin of the WASB at or 608-512-1708.

2023-24 Title IX Training Renewal Instructions

If your district wishes to renew access to the Title IX training resources beyond September 30, 2023, here are the steps:

1. The district should designate one person to respond (i.e., on behalf of the district and all of the district’s authorized users) by filling out the online renewal form found at this link:

2. The person responding for the district who is completing the online form will need to:

  • Identify their contact information and the name of the school district.
  • Identify the subscription tier the district wishes to purchase for 2023-24. (As in prior years, the tier is based on the number of individual authorized users who will need direct access to the online training modules.)
  • Identify the individuals who need to be set up as “authorized users” with access to the online resources via a login and password. (This requires a name, position title, email address, and phone number for each authorized user.)
  • Click the green “Post” button at the bottom of the form to submit the information.

3. Please allow two to three business days for the WASB to process the order and send confirmation emails to each authorized user.

It is critical for the WASB to have an up-to-date list of this year’s (i.e., 2023-24) authorized users. Accordingly, even if your district has already requested or processed a renewal of its Title IX training subscription for 2023-24 through another method, it will not hurt to complete the form. The district will not be billed twice.


  • The Title IX training materials do not include individualized local school district Title IX policies or procedures or customized training on local policies/procedures.
  • To be most effective, districts should provide individualized training on the district’s Title IX policies and procedures. To this end, districts may elect to contact Boardman & Clark or the WASB to assist with such localized, policy-based training.

The Title IX training materials, including the comments of all webinar speakers who present the materials, do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon or used as legal advice. The materials will present information and commentary to facilitate a general understanding of the topics that are addressed but are not necessarily an exhaustive treatment of any legal or policy issues. If a school district requires legal advice regarding any topic, issue, situation or incident, the advice should be obtained from the school district’s designated legal counsel.

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