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The WASB publishes a wide array of publications and subscriptions—both print and electronic—covering governance, policy, school law, employee relations, legislative affairs and general school topics. For details, click on a topic.



The WASB offers a number of awards and gifts that school districts can purchase to thank retiring school board members and others. Each can be customized with a name, years of service and other details to honor the recipient.

Surveys & Assessment Tools

The WASB has three survey and assessment tools:

  1. WASB Employee Opinion Survey – a customizable, anonymous survey administered by the WASB staff to gauge your employees’ opinions on a range of issues related to the operation of your district.
  2. WASB/School Perceptions Annual Board Development Tool is designed to help boards identify their areas of strength and alignment as well as where further dialogue and discussion is needed.
  3. WASB School Board Meeting Self-Evaluation Tool allows members to assess an individual meeting or series of meetings.

BoardDocs eGovernance Solutions

The WASB has partnered with BoardDocs to provide Wisconsin school districts with high-quality, cost-effective paperless meeting management services and an online policy hosting and management resource. Districts can select a level of service that best meets their needs and budget.

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