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Interview with Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Assembly education committee chair

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Legislative Update Blog, State Budget, State Issue | 0 comments

Earlier this week I conducted a brief interview with Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Education, to get his thoughts on the governor’s budget proposal for schools and a couple other K-12 bills he has authored this session. Key takeaways include the impact that federal COVID relief funding will have on the willingness of legislators to agree to state funding increases for schools and the high level of interest in providing funding based on in-person instruction.

You can watch the full conversation below:

Topics covered:

  • State budget
  • Equalizing the quarterly state aid payments to schools (10:45)
  • Modernizing meeting minutes publishing requirements (13:43)
  • Open enrollment for virtual students (17:34)

We thank Rep. Thiesfeldt for taking the time to join us! 

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