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Convention 2024 Recorded Sessions

Want to expand your learning? Sign up to access the 2024 convention’s recorded sessions.

At the convention, seven select breakout sessions along with two keynote speakers will be recorded.

Any WASB member can access the recordings by signing up for the 2024 Convention Recorded Sessions program. The fee is $100. Convention attendees can sign up for the discounted rate of $65.

To sign up, email the WASB at or call 608-257-2622.

Participants will be sent an email with access instructions to the recorded sessions, which will remain available through December 2024.

Breakout Sessions


Grow Your Own: Strengthening the Teacher Pipeline in Rural Schools

This session summarizes findings from a yearlong research project investigating strategies rural Wisconsin districts use to address staffing challenges. Rural districts are implementing state and national initiatives, such as Educators Rising, as well as locally developed “grow your own” programs. The presenters will summarize the results of two surveys — of rural superintendents and Educators Rising site coordinators — and site visits to five rural districts. Attendees will also hear an innovative example of four rural districts that partnered as a consortium to develop, hire and retain high school students and recent graduates interested in careers as educators.

Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative
Wisconsin Heights School District
Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance
Wisconsin Educators Rising

Sharing Doesn't End at Kindergarten

In northeast Wisconsin, four rural school districts have partnered to provide opportunities for students that each district wouldn’t have been able to support on their own. By sharing resources and partnering with businesses and postsecondary education systems, the districts have created career pathway opportunities available to any area student. Attendees of this session will learn how the districts developed their partnership, and how they work together to capitalize on opportunities that benefit students in all four districts.

Algoma School District
Luxemburg-Casco School District
Denmark School District
Kewaunee School District

Connecting Rural Students to College and Career Planning

The School District of Rhinelander created the Inspire Rhinelander program to connect students with employers. Rhinelander’s team of counselors, teachers, a student and local employers will share how the Inspire platform connects students to careers, and how the connections begin in elementary school and grow through their school years. By high school, the program’s local partners provides pathways for students to set up job shadows, learn from employers, work at co-ops and apprentice.  Learn how career readiness starts at an early age and how Rinelander’s program can translate throughout the state.

School District of Rhinelander

Title IX: What's New and What's Next

This session covers changes to Title IX regulations that were slated to be finalized in late 2023. The presenters discuss the changes between the existing and the new Title IX regulations, policy considerations and implications, and the overlap between Title IX and other state and federal laws and policies. The presenters also present practical tips and considerations for Title IX coordinators and investigators when conducting school district Title IX investigations.

Buelow Vetter

Empowering With AI: Enhancing Teaching & Learning

Learn how artificial intelligence, or AI, can transform the education sector by empowering educators to enhance teaching and learning, improve student engagement and achievement, and streamline administrative tasks. This session will explore AI technologies and their applications in education, showcase AI-powered tools to personalize learning, and highlight the benefits of using AI in the classroom. Discover how AI can identify areas where students need additional support, automate routine tasks such as grading and lesson planning, and provide real-time feedback to educators. Join us to see how AI can revolutionize education.

Pewaukee School District
New Berlin School District

Public Participation and School Board Meetings

Effectively managing public comment time during school board meetings can present a difficult balancing act for school boards. While providing regular opportunities for community members to offer input is important, school boards also need to carefully manage meeting time, encourage constructive discourse and maintain control if speakers become aggressive. This session will identify the relevant legal and policy considerations school boards can use to guide decisions during meetings or refine their current approach to public participation.

Wisconsin Association of School Boards

Building Background Knowledge in Your Youngest Learners

This session will explore the significance of developing background knowledge in young children. The Pewaukee School District has developed strategic action steps to create an engaging and supportive learning environment. These steps include providing unique opportunities for children to explore and learn through play, integrating literacy, math, science and social studies into every aspect of the play-based curriculum, and utilizing assessment data to guide instruction, resulting in unprecedented academic growth. Join us to discover how the strategic cultivation of background knowledge can effectively prevent the emergence of achievement gaps among our youngest learners.

Pewaukee School District

Keynote Speakers


Wednesday, Jan. 17
Sean Covey

The world is changing. Every day, school boards, administrators and business managers are faced with incredible challenges, such as holding onto critical staff and earning their community’s support.

But even in the most turbulent times, there are four roles leaders play that are highly predictive of success and foundational to what every effective leader needs to know and do.

All leaders must inspire trust, create vision, execute strategy and coach potential.

Sean Covey is a New York Times best-selling author and has written several books, “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens,” which has been translated into 20 languages and sold over 8 million copies worldwide.

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Thursday, Jan. 18
John Quiñones

Combining a moving life story, an exceptional career, incomparable insights and a powerful presence, John Quiñones is known for truly connecting with audiences and leaving them uplifted and inspired.

Quiñones’ odds-defying journey took him from migrant farm work and poverty to more than 30 years at ABC News, the anchor desk at “20/20” and “Primetime” and seven national Emmy awards for his reporting over the years.

As host and creator of “What Would You Do?,” the highly-rated, hidden camera ethical dilemma news magazine now on its 15th season, Quiñones has become “the face of doing the right thing” to millions of fans.

Quiñones delivers a powerful message of believing in oneself, never giving up and always, always doing the right thing.

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