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WASB Connection Podcast

Each month, the WASB Connection Podcast will feature a new episode with conversations among our staff, members and other education experts.

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Current episode show notes:

Our latest episode covers ground that is familiar to all school board members: the regular review of school district financial information.

The purpose of these financial reports is simple: to convey the school district’s financial health, now and in the foreseeable future.

They’re also a great opportunity for school board members to learn and show they’re earning the trust of parents and taxpayers.

We’ll help you understand these reports in more detail by explaining the documents that are at the core of financial reporting, especially the check register and budget-to-actual report.

We’re joined by two experienced school leaders on different sides of the board table. Larry Dux is a longtime board member in Pewaukee, and Michael Barry is executive director of the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials, or WASBO.

We’ll talk about the connection between thoughtful continuous financial monitoring and community trust, especially in an era of increased referendums.

We’ll also discuss how to ask tough questions of district staff in a way that builds mutual respect.


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Episode 18: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Lac du Flambeau (5/26/21)

Episode 19: Toward Effective Governance (6/25/21)

Episode 20: COVID Relief Funding (8/17/21)

Episode 21: Conflict Resolution (9/19/21)

Episode 22: Promoting Diversity on Our School Boards (10/27/21)

Bonus Episode: Managing Challenging School Board Meetings (11/16/21)

Episode 23: Preparing the Next Generation to Pivot (12/6/21)

Episode 24: The School Leadership Team: A Conversation With Wisconsin’s Superintendent of the Year (1/17/22)

Episode 25: Highlights from the 2022 State Education Convention (2/28/22)

Episode 26: Social Media Guidance for School Board Members and Legislative Update (3/31/22)

Episode 27: Building a Solid Foundation for New School Board Members (4/15/22)

Episode 28: How to Be a Servant Leader (6/6/22)

Episode 29: How Are Districts Spending Federal Relief Funds? (6/21/22)

Episode 30: How To Keep Improving as a School Board (7/29/22)

Episode 31: Reversing the Teacher Shortage One Student at a Time (8/31/22)

Episode 32: A Fall Wisconsin School Board Tradition Continues (10/3/22)

Episode 33: What’s Trust Got to Do With It? (10/27/22)

Episode 34: Working Better Together (11/30/22)

Episode 35: Wisconsin Combats the Referee Shortage (12/31/22)

Episode 36: The Governor and State Superintendent Address the State Education Convention (1/31/23)

Episode 37: Legislative Update: A New Two-Year Budget (2/28/23)

Episode 38: Exploring Emergency Educator Licenses (3/31/23)

Episode 39: How School Boards Can Boost Student Achievement (4/28/23)

Episode 40: What Loving Relationships Mean to Kids (5/31/23)

Episode 41: Engaging Students in a Real-World Challenge (6/30/23)

Episode 42: A Chat With the WASB’s New Executive Director (8/4/23)

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