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Assembly GOP members unveil tax cut proposal for state surplus funds

The new GOP package, unveiled this morning, is centered around a $250 million income tax cut. The plan also includes putting money toward debt payments and tax cuts for manufacturers. Gov. Tony Evers had previously called for $250 million to go to public schools.

The legislators stated it was their plan for the package to be introduced as companion bills in both houses, have a hearing before the Joint Finance Committee on Monday, Feb. 17 and be on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Feb. 19 and then to the Assembly floor on Thursday, Feb. 20. It is widely expected that next week will be the last floor days of the 2019-20 session for the Assembly. Gov. Tony Evers would then have the choice of signing the package into law or vetoing it. (more…)


More details on Governor’s plan; what would it mean to your school district?

As we posted previously, Gov. Evers last week called for a special session of the legislature to take up a plan to invest a portion of state surplus funding in K-12 education. The governor’s proclamation calls for the special session to convene at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, which is tomorrow. 

We now have more details of the plan, including district by district breakdowns for the additional proposed special education reimbursement aid, as well as the proposed sparsity aid increase.

See below more specific details of the plan:



John Ashley statement on Gov. Evers’ call for K-12 investments

WASB Executive Director John Ashley issued the following statement in reaction to Gov. Evers’ call for a special session of the legislature to take up a plan to invest a portion of state surplus funding in K-12 education:

“We commend Gov. Tony Evers for calling for the investment of surplus state funds into our local public schools, and specifically into special education and mental health services and into furthering the goal of providing two-thirds state funding of public schools. These resources are vital to the mission of public school districts to serve all students and ensure they are college and career ready.  Many of these priorities are recommendations from the bipartisan Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding.

“On behalf of school board members throughout the state, who are serving more than 850,000 public school students, we encourage the Legislature to approve these additional investments in our students.”

Relevant WASB member-approved resolutions: (more…)


Gov. Evers calls for investments in school mental health, special education and sparsity aid

Gov. Tony Evers has called a special session of the legislature to take up a plan to invest a portion of state surplus funding on K-12 education. From the Wisconsin State Journal:

“…Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has called for investing a portion of the state’s more than $400 million in extra tax revenue in increased education funding and a tax cut.

“On Thursday, Evers proposed a $250 million investment that would include a commitment to two-thirds funding in statewide K-12 and spending on school-based mental health and special education aid, which includes $10 million in sparsity aid. He also called for $130 million in property tax relief through the equalization aid formula.



State budget, weather-related school closures rank among most viewed posts of 2019

As we move into 2020, we decided to take a look back at the ten most viewed posts here at the Legislative Update blog in 2019.  One of the biggest stories was the 2019-21 state budget–the first for Gov. Tony Evers, the former State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The number one viewed story examined the issue faced by districts due to the severe winter weather at the end of January and beginning February, 2019. That bitter arctic chill caused many districts to cancel more days of school than usual or than they had planned for with a resulting impact due to state hours of instruction requirements.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to keeping our readers up to date on important K-12 legislative happenings in 2020! (more…)