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WEAC asks for state-mandated return to school standards; Gov. Evers prefers local control approach

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue | 0 comments

The state’s largest teachers union is calling for the state to mandate “return to school” criteria on all school districts in Wisconsin. According to NBC 26:

“On Tuesday, the WEAC called on the Department of Health Services and Governor Evers to begin following uniformed guidelines regarding when schools should reopen. It’s a request that would force all school districts to use data related to COVID-19 positive cases within their communities, to determine when a school should begin allowing students back to the classroom.”

Gov. Tony Evers was asked about this request during his COVID-19 press conference yesterday (Nov 18) where he responded that local school boards, administrators and teachers statewide were “doing their best” and there were places where in-person instruction was “frankly, working well” and that it was “a difficult thing for us to sit here and talk about it being a one answer to 420-some school districts”. See the clip courtesy of WisconsinEye.

View the WEAC letter.

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