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Legislative Update

Study committee on shared school district services schedules first meeting

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue

The 2022 Legislative Council Study Committee on Shared School District Services has scheduled its first meeting on Wednesday, July 20 at 10 AM. A staff brief background document has also been prepared by the Legislative Counsel.

The study committee is directed to review current barriers to shared administrative or other services between school districts, and explore statutory changes or creation of incentives to encourage efficiencies.

The committee shall consider methods for sharing or consolidating services such as district-level administration and personnel, purchasing, technology and data processing, transportation, food service, and building maintenance and make recommendations for legislation. As part of its work, the committee shall study school district structures employed in other states, particularly county-wide school district models.

The full committee roster:

  • Representative Rob Brooks (Chair)
  • Senator Dan Feyen (Vice-Chair)
  • Senator Janet Bewley
  • Representative Dave Considine
  • Lance Bagstad – Superintendent, School District of Arcadia
  • Jeffrey Dellutri – Superintendent, Fox Point-Bayside School District
  • Bobbie Guyette – Director of School Nutrition, New Richmond School District
  • Ted Neitzke – Administrator, CESA 6
  • Ben Niehaus – WASB Member Services Director
  • Tara Villalobos – Superintendent, Holy Hill Area School District
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