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April 2013

The April 2013 issue of Wisconsin School News features articles profiling a brother and sister serving on two different Wisconsin school boards, an article on policy usage and development, an article on community engagement, and much more.








Tell Your Story
Three district tell how they built strong relationships with their communities
Joe Quick

One Family, One Calling
A brother and sister share their experiences serving on their respective school boards
Jennifer L. Berge, Michael Humke

Navigate Your Way to a Strong Policy Plan
Develop a system to keep your policies up-to-date and at the center of your decision making
Shelby Anderson


Departments and Columns

Season of Change
John H. Ashley

WASB Insurance Plan
Evolving to Meet Your Needs
Joy Gänder

Tips to Help Keep Post Prom Activities Safe
John Gibson

Governance Matters
Engage in More Effective Policy Discussions
Deb Gurke

Association News
WASB Day at the Capitol Recap

Legislative Update
State Budget Update

From the President
Going Forward Together
Nancy Thompson

Legal Comment
Employee Eligibility

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