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August 2013

The August 2013 issue of Wisconsin School News examines the role of physical education in our public schools. Other features include a look at strategies to keep schools safe, an article on the role of school boards in school transformation.

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The New Role of Physical Education
How physical education is improving student learning and building lifelong healthy habits
Shelby Anderson

Ten Steps to a Safer School
What school leaders can do to foster safer schools
Peter Pochowski

Moving Beyond the Killer B’s
The role of school boards in accountability and transformation
Lauren Morando Rhim

Beyond Recruitment
Army recruiters are working in schools to improve student health, education and more
Pat Tungate


Departments and Columns

Thanks for Your Hard Work
John H. Ashley

Association News
Service Associate Q&A

Legislative Update
Accountability: the Missing Piece of Voucher Expansion

WASB Insurance
Schooling Health Care Reform

Legal Comment
Balancing the Need to Educate and Protect

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