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Pre-Convention Workshops

Tuesday, January 16

1:30 – 5 p.m., Baird Center (Registration required, $85)

Expand your convention learning! Join us Tuesday, Jan. 16 for a Pre-Convention Workshop to explore a topic in-depth.

Registration begins at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 16 on the third floor of the Baird Center.

School Finance Puzzle

Gain a conceptual understanding of the major components of the Wisconsin school finance system using a hands-on, interactive approach. The presentation team will include members of the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials and the School Finance Team for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Attendees will become acquainted with the basics of the budget cycle, revenue limits, equalization aid, property taxes and referendums — how these components interrelate and how they impact board decision-making. Leave the workshop with increased confidence in discussing school finance concepts and using this knowledge to help foster an environment of trust in your community for the benefit of students.

Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Navigating Challenging Discussions to Engage Your Community

School boards frequently face high-stakes issues that require substantial discussions in the face of opposing views and strong emotions. Many of these discussions play an important role in building the relationships with stakeholders that board members need to accomplish the important work of the board.

Navigating these kinds of discussions effectively requires an ongoing two-way communication with the district’s stakeholders. In order to do that, board members need to develop important communication skills and engagement processes that invite feedback and are open to diverse perspectives in our changing societal times. Learn the skills and processes that will help you set the stage for effective dialogue through best practices in community engagement and, ultimately, the outcomes that your board achieves.

Wisconsin Association of School Boards

The WASB Essential Elements of Governance

The work of school board members encompasses a breadth of responsibility for student achievement, school finance, communication and stakeholder engagement. School boards provide quality leadership when they carry out best practices that promote positive outcomes for all the children our schools serve.

Drawing on research and the experience of other state associations, the WASB designed the Essential Elements of Governance as one comprehensive framework to support boards in leading for the success of all students. Join a team of experienced WASB consultants as they showcase the five distinct yet harmonious elements of board governance critical to student learning. Attendees will leave with specific ideas to fulfill their commitment and grow their confidence as educational leaders.

Wisconsin Association of School Boards



Teamwork Unleashed: Creating Impactful Work-Based Learning Programs

Presenters will explore innovative and collaborative strategies for engaging both the business community and your educational staff. With hands-on exercises, you’ll learn to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current programs.

Real students will tell their stories about work-based learning and how it is preparing them for future success, which will help participants gain valuable insights into what works. Learn how to foster partnerships that drive program excellence within a rural, suburban and urban setting. You’ll leave with actionable steps to propel your work-based learning programs forward, unlocking their full potential in your local community.

Honeycomb Consulting


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