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Delegate Assembly

Pre-Delegate Assembly Discussion


7 – 8 pm

This discussion session, held in an online meeting, will give delegates an opportunity to seek any needed clarifications of the resolutions forwarded to the Delegate Assembly by the WASB Policy and Resolutions Committee. This will be an informational session only. Members are encouraged to ask questions, but no action will be taken and no debate will be allowed.

This session also serves as the opportunity for delegates to propose emergency resolutions to the Policy and Resolutions Committee. It will include a review of parliamentary procedure for delegate assemblies as well as a review of the online voting procedures.

Access the Pre-Delegate Assembly Disccussion: The Zoom link will be provided to members in January.

Delegate Assembly PhotoDelegate Assembly


1:30 pm

Delegates will vote on the policies that will guide the association’s legislative agenda on Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 1:30 pm in an online meeting.

Each school board should be certain that its delegate (and alternate) understands the board’s positions on the resolutions and is prepared to vote accordingly. Decisions reached by the Delegate Assembly help set the statewide education agenda.

Delegate Access to the Delegate Assembly: Delegates will log in to the convention virtual platform and navigate to the Delegate Assembly in the agenda. See below for details. Please ensure that the WASB has the name of your delegate. Convention registration is not required to participate in the Delegate Assembly.

Non-Delegate Access to the Delegate Assembly: The Delegate Assembly will be recorded and broadcast live via YouTube or another platform for non-delegates to watch.

The 2021 Resolutions approved by the WASB Policy and Resolutions Committee.


Watch for emails with the online meeting links and instructions for the Pre-Delegate Assembly Discussion and the Delegate Assembly. Only one member per board will be admitted into the Delegate Assembly.

Technology needed for the Delegate Assembly:

  • Access to a computer with a stable internet connection
  • Access to a computer with a microphone and camera if he/she wants to speak on a resolution during the Delegate Assembly
  • A firewall that allows access to Zoom (It is not required, but we encourage delegates to download the Zoom app ahead of time to ensure that it works for them on their device. Navigate to and follow the instructions.)

To access the Delegate Assembly:

  • Navigate to the convention virtual platform
  • Log in using the email address in which you receive the Delegate Assembly information and links (typically, the school district email address)
  • Navigate to the Delegate Assembly in the convention agenda
  • Join (accessible to registered delegates only, non-delegates may watch the Delegate Assembly via the YouTube link)

To participate in the Delegate Assembly:

  • After entering the Delegate Assembly, left-click your name to change your name if needed to identify yourself by your first name, last name and school district (this is highly recommended if you wish to speak to a resolution so you can be properly called upon).
  • To speak to a resolution, click on the “raise hand” symbol and wait to be called upon by the chair.
  • When recognized, unmute your microphone and begin by stating your name and school district.

Convention registration is not required to be the district’s delegate.

Delegates not registered for convention will only have access to the Pre-Delegate meeting and Delegate Assembly. Full convention registration is required to gain access to any of the breakout or general sessions in the convention virtual platform.

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