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Legislative Update

The state legislators not coming back next session (so far)

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue

From The Wheeler Report: “The following individuals have publicly announced they will either not seek re-election, or are running for a different office:

  1. SD-2: Rob Cowles – Not seeking re-election
  2. SD-16: Melissa Agard – Running for Dane County Executive
  3. AD-09: Marisabel Cabrera – Running for Circuit Court Judge
  4. AD-11: Dora Drake – Running for SD-4
  5. AD-12: Lakeshia Myers – Running for SD-4
  6. AD-18: Evan Goyke – Running for Milwaukee County Attorney
  7. AD-28: Gae Magnafici- Not seeking re-election
  8. AD-42: Jon Plumer- Not seeking re-election
  9. AD-44: Sue Conley – Not seeking re-election
  10. AD-46: Melissa Ratcliff – Running for Senate
  11. AD-47: Jimmy Anderson – Running for Senate
  12. AD-48: Samba Baldeh- Running for Senate
  13. AD-65: Tod Ohnstad- Not seeking re-election
  14. AD-71: Katrina Shankland – Running for Congress
  15. AD-73: Angie Sapik – Not seeking re-election
  16. AD-81: Dave Considine – Not seeking re-election
  17. AD-87: James Edming- Not seeking re-election.
  18. AD-88: John Macco – Not seeking re-election
  19. AD-90: Kristina Shelton – Not seeking re-election

Please note, this list does not include any individuals who may have been paired in a district under the new maps.  This list only contains those individuals who have publicly stated they are not seeking re-election, or who have announced they are running for a different office. Filings of Non-Candidacy are due to the Wisconsin Elections Commission by 5 pm on May 24, 2024.”

The WASB is sharing this list to ensure members are aware of potential impacts to their relationships with their current legislators. We will continue to update this list as more announcements are made.


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