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Gov. Evers will propose freeze on taxpayer-subsidized voucher programs and independent charter expansion

Governor Tony Evers will formally introduce his 2019-21 budget proposal on Thursday, February 28, but over the weekend shared some previews of what will be included in that document.  In the K-12 area, his budget will propose to freeze enrollment in the state’s private school voucher programs (including special needs vouchers) and suspend the expansion of independent charter schools.

Earlier, Gov. Evers had announced his proposed budget would aim to provide “more accountability and transparency” within the state’s private school voucher programs.  As one aspect of this. Gov. Evers will propose including information on property tax bills about the state aid withheld from public school districts in which private voucher pupils reside and the impact this has on property taxes. (more…)

State’s taxpayer-subsidized voucher programs continue to grow

From DPI:

“Two hundred sixty-two private nonsectarian and religious schools and school systems registered with the Department of Public Instruction by the Jan. 10 deadline to accept students for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) for the 2019-20 school year. Eleven schools that previously participated in either the Milwaukee or Racine Parental Choice programs or both are registering to join the WPCP. In addition, there are 40 new private schools applying to participate in the statewide voucher program for 2019-20. Read More


Racine opts to promote voucher funding transparency

As the impact of taxpayer-funded private school vouchers grows, Racine’s mayor is doing his part to inform taxpayers about the effect vouchers are having on property tax bills.

According to the Racine Journal Times, “Property owners in the City of Racine will receive an insert along with their tax bills this year showing where their tax money goes, with a focus on voucher school funding.”  The insert, included with all Racine property tax bills, shows how total property tax funds collected in the city are split among various units of government, and includes detailed information about the Racine Unified School District tax levy. (more…)

Democrat candidates for governor discussing K-12 issues

Update: Andy Gronik & Dana Wachs have announced they are ending their campaigns after the release of the latest Marquette Law School Poll.

Editor’s Note: The role of the WASB during this election cycle will be to share information with our members relating to positions or statements by candidates relating to K-12 education issues.  The WASB does not endorse candidates for office. The statements in the news articles referenced are those of the candidate(s) and the reporters who wrote the articles and not those of the WASB.

The Democrats running for governor have been discussing a variety of  K-12 issues at candidate forums and in response to media inquiries.  Ten Democrats are currently in the race and the winner of the August 14 primary will face incumbent GOP Gov. Scott Walker in November. (more…)