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Senate to take up state budget bill today; Legislative leaders say no changes coming

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Legislative Update Blog, State Budget

The state Senate will meet in floor session at 1pm today (6/28) to debate and vote on the state budget (watch LIVE). The Assembly is slated to then take up the budget bill tomorrow. Legislative leaders Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have said there are no major changes going to be made to the budget including adding back any funding for the UW System or the Office of School Safety.

Gov. Evers had previously threatened to veto the entire budget if the UW System was cut, but both LeMahieu and Vos indicated they doubted the governor would veto the entire budget. Short of vetoing the entire budget, Gov. Evers can line-item veto certain provisions in the bill but he cannot add additional spending. The governor’s office said he will evaluate the bill language to determine potential vetoes.

The state budget also includes a $3.5 billion income tax cut that Democrats have criticized because wealthy people will get a bigger reduction than lower earners and may be the target of potential vetoes. However, the governor signed into law the past two state budgets constructed by legislative Republicans and took credit for the tax cuts that were included.

The budget also includes $1 billion more for K-12 public schools (as well as large increases to private voucher and independent charter school payments) that reflect a deal Gov. Evers reached with Republicans to increase state aid to Milwaukee and other local communities.

The Senate will also take up a bills that make changes to reading instruction (Assembly Bill 321) and allow school board members to be volunteer school bus drivers (Assembly Bill 233). Both have already passed the state Assembly.

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