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The state Senate concurred in the state budget bill today (June 26) as passed by the state Assembly. This clears the bill to head to Governor Tony Evers, who has the option to sign the bill as is, veto the bill in whole or in part, or allow it to become law without his signature by taking no action within the six-day review period (Sundays excepted) specified in the State Constitution.

The bill was approved 17-16 with GOP Sens. Steve Nass (Whitewater) and Dave Craig (Vernon) joined by all Senate Democrats in voting No.

At this point, the timeline for the governor to act is unclear.  According to

“…GOP leaders haven’t made a decision on whether to send the budget to the guv, which would trigger a seven-day window for him to act on the document. If lawmakers don’t send it to Evers, he would have the option to call for the document before it would trigger the countdown for him to act. Otherwise, the budget would be sent to him Aug. 1 automatically if neither side takes any action.”

We will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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