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March 2017

The March 2017 issue of Wisconsin School News looks back at the 96th State Education Convention. This special, expanded issue highlights keynote speakers, break-out sessions, and special events.

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The Qualities of Trust
David Horsager keynote address

Saved by School
Liz Murray keynote address

Building Dreams
Fredi Lajvardi keynote address

Sustainable Funding
State Superintendent Tony Evers convention address

Moving & Learning
Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar keynote address

Called to Lead
Superintendent of the Year Damian LaCroix

Gratitude and Thanks
School Business Manager of the Year Jill Bodwin

Setting Up Children for Success
Session Recap: A Collaborative Approach to Serving Our Youngest Population

Helping Minority Students Succeed
Session Recap: Improving Teacher Diversity Through Grow-Your-Own Programs

Partnership and Persistence
Session Recap: The First Autistic UW-Madison Graduate – How Public Education Made His Success Story Possible

Redoing a Referendum to Succeed
Session Recap: Going to Referendum? What We Learned the Second Time

Changing the Conversation About Student Mental Health
Session Recap: Youth Mental Health Training Needs and Solutions

Advocacy is All About Relationships
Session Recap: The Art of Advocacy from a School Board Perspective

From Passive to Active Learning
Session Recap: Personalized Learning: Ideas + Research + Application = Results

A Coordinated Effort to Nurture the Whole Child
Session Recap: Utilizing Coordinated School Health Policy Strategies to Promote Student Achievement

Breaking Down the Social and Emotional Gap
Session Recap: Narrowing and Closing the Achievement Gap Must Begin with Addressing the Social and Emotional Gap

Offering Help and Hope
Session Recap: High Expectations and Opportunities for Poverty in Education

“Programs are Going to Increase”
Session Recap: Impact of Vouchers and Charters on Wisconsin Public Schools

Free Speech is Changing
Session Recap: Is Free Speech Free in 2017? From Tinker to the Internet
Written by Freedom Gobel, student at Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School, Milwaukee Public Schools

Hands-On Learning
Session Recap: Makerspaces, Fab Labs, Innovation and Project-Based Learning


Departments and Columns

Your Advocacy Leads the Way
John H. Ashley

Capitol Watch
Governor’s 2017-19 Budget Unveiled

Association News
2016 WASB President Stu Olson convention address; 2017 WASB Board of Directors

Legal Comment
Student Fees

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