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Wisconsin School News

December 2021

The December 2021 issue of Wisconsin School News shines a light on district partnerships with businesses that offer students new opportunities.

Articles also discuss the school board/superintendent partnership, library book challenge policies and a book excerpt from 2022 convention keynote Brandon Fleming.

View the complete issue two ways: a PDF (scroll through pages from top to bottom) or on the web (flip through pages one at a time by clicking arrows on the right and left).


Cover image for Nov. 2021 issue of Wisconsin School News

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WASB Business Honor Roll 2021 
VIDEO: Watch a video about the partnership between the Madison Metropolitan School District and Forward Theater Company

The Insatiable Quest for Literacy, an excerpt from “MISEDUCATED: A Memoir”
Brandon P. Fleming

Getting to Great Governance
Fran Finco

Setting Library Policies
Dan Linehan


Departments and Columns

Serving Wisconsin School Boards
John Ashley

Capitol Watch
Revamp of Reading Instruction Is Unfinished Business
Dan Rossmiller and Chris Kulow

WASB Insurance
Accessing Health and Wellness
USI Insurance Services

Association News
Legislative Conference Online, WASB Directors Elected,
WASB Podcast, Upcoming Webinars

Legal Comment
Common Questions About the Student Expulsion Process

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