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March 2018

The March 2018 issue of Wisconsin School News looks back at the 97th State Education Convention. This special, expanded issue highlights keynote speakers, break-out sessions, and special events.

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Building Generations and Cultures
Ravi Hutheesing keynote address

Creating Schools for the Future
Dr. Bill Daggett keynote address

Building Dreams
Alton Fitzgerald White keynote address

Building a Better Future
State Superintendent Tony Evers convention address

Dream Big
George Koonce keynote address

Increased Funding for Schools
Gov. Scott Walker convention address

Focused on Improvement
Superintendent of the Year Pat Greco

‘Stretch and Grow’
School Business Manager of the Year Chad Trowbridge

Good Practices are Good for Students
Session Recap: Making the Most of Your School Board: Tips for Translating Governance to Outcomes
Written by Michael R. Ford, professor, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Transitioning Back
Session Recap: Transitional Learning Center (TLC): School Re-engagement for Students

Different Districts, Different Paths to Referendum Success
Session Recap: One Size Does Not Fit All! Facility and Referendum Strategies that Work

Moving Forward with Community Trust
Session Recap: A Board’s Role in Positively Impacting the Student and Teacher Learning Experience

Working Together to Erase the Achievement Gap
Session Recap: Working in Partnership to Improve Educational Outcomes Among Black Students

Supporting Future Teachers
Session Recap: Building a High School to Teacher Program Pipeline

Teaching Through Technology
Session Recap: Sustaining a 1:1 Initiative: It’s Not About the Stuff

Using Feedback to Move Forward
Session Recap: Using the “Gift” of Feedback to Move Your Organization Forward

Telling Their Story
Session Recap: Building a Solid Communications Presence from the Ground Up

Understanding the Toll of Trauma
Session Recap: Understanding ACES and Trauma-Informed Care in the School Setting

Redefining the Path to Success
Session Recap: Redefining College and Career Readiness in Wisconsin Schools

Departments and Columns

Giving Students the Skills to Succeed
John H. Ashley

Capitol Watch
Legislative Session is Wrapping Up

Association News
2017 WASB President Terry McCloskey convention address; 2018 WASB Board of Directors

Legal Comment
Truancy Options and Procedures

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