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March 2016

The March 2016 issue of Wisconsin School News features a review of the 95th State Education Convention. This special, expanded issue highlights keynote break out speakers, sessions, and special events.

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The Power to Change Lives
Luis Cruz keynote address

Neuroscience and Education
John Medina keynote address

Leading with Empathy
State Superintendent Tony Evers address

‘Change is Coming’
Janie Hatton keynote address

‘Changing Mindset’ on Technical Education
Governor Scott Walker address

Removing the Barriers to Learning

Everyone on Board

Fighting Hunger a Key to Academic Success

Dangers of Rejection

Growing Education and Business

Rewarding Professional Development and Growth

Responsibility with Authority

Creating a Sense of Awe

Prepared for the Worst

Confronting the Special Education Staff Shortage

Engaging Father Figures

Business Manager of the Year

Superintendent of the Year


Departments and Columns

Building Support for Public School Funding
John H. Ashley

Legislative Update
Private School Voucher Funding

Legal Comment
Discrimination Standards Involving Arrests and Convictions of School District Employees

Association News
2015 WASB President Wanda Owens; 2016 WASB Board of Directors


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