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January/February 2016

The January-February 2016 issue of Wisconsin School News features the Mississippi Valley Conference Adapted Sports League, a look at character education in River Falls and South Milwaukee, and an examination of how rural schools are being affected by student population trends.

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In The Game
Adapted sports league gives students with disabilities an opportunity to compete and represent their schools
Shelby Anderson

Focused On Character
Two school district leaders share what character education means in their schools
Colin Jacobs and Jamie Benson

A Perfect Storm
Declining enrollment, increasing student poverty and rising operational costs are putting pressure on rural schools
Sarah Kemp

What Do Your Teachers Think?
Survey helps school districts measure staff perceptions on important issues
Sue Peterson

Working With Families
Families make real contributions in closing the achievement gap
Tony Evers


Departments and Columns

Join Us in Milwaukee!
John H. Ashley

Association News
2016 WASB Event Calendar

Legislative Update
At Long Last, Congress Replaces No Child Left Behind

Legal Comment
The First Amendment and Regulation of Students’ Social Media Use

Service Associate Q&A
“Liquid Damages” Provisions – Strang, Patteson, Renning, Lewis & Lacy


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