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April 2014

The April 2014 issue of Wisconsin School News explores trends in student population for public school students in Wisconsin. School board members also weigh in on how Act 10 has changed relationships in their school district, and WASB Consultant Roger Price explains the importance of school district “master planning.”

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A Look at Student Population Trends
Projections from UW researchers point toward overall increase in state’s public school enrollment
Shelby Anderson

Relationships Dialogue, and Input
School board members share how Act 10 has shapped relationships in their districts
Cynthia Schmahl, Carol Craig, Tanya Gendreau

Cooperative Engagement
Working with and engaging educators to improve school district culture and trust
Peter Vedro

A Graceful Exit
A superintendent retirement plan to consider
James Fitzpatrick

School District “Master Planning”
Make sure your district has a clear sense of self-awareness before going to referendum
Roger Price


Departments and Columns

Find Common Ground
John H. Ashley

Legislative Update
2013-14 Legislative Session Winds Down

Service Associate Q&A
Steve Grams, Seminole Energy

Legal Comment
Student Threats and the First Amendment

From the President
Share Your Message
Mike Blecha

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