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June/July 2013

The June/July 2013 issue of Wisconsin School News features three schools working hard to include and provide opportunities for students with disabilities. Other features include an update on the Common Core State Standards, how to attract quality superintendent candidates, and an article on working with your district’s athletic/activities director.

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Opening New Doors
How three special education programs are making a difference for students and their communities
Shelby Anderson

Finding the Best and Brightest
What school districts can do to attract quality superintendent candidates
Louis Birchbauer and Dennis Richards

Common Standards, Common Goals
Partnership is paramount to local implementation of the Common Core State Standards
Emilie Amundson

Team Effort
The importance of working with your athletic /activities director
Brian Smith

Working for Public Schools
The 2012-13 WASB Report to the Membership


Departments and Columns

Your Success is Our Success
John H. Ashley

Association News
Spring Training for School Boards, Service Associate Q&A, Upcoming Event

Legislative Update
State Budget Heads for Homestretch, The Value of a Legislative Breakfast

Financial Literacy FAQs

Legal Comment
Disclosure of Records of School District Contractors

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