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April 2012

The April issue of Wisconsin School News takes a look at an elementary school classroom in the Oregon School District where each student has a computer at their fingertips. Another feature article takes a look at a new board member orientation process developed by the Oconto Unified School District.







Empowered Learners
Boosting learning by putting computers in the hands of every student
Shelby Anderson

Building Knowledge and Trust
Welcoming new school board members
Shelby Anderson

WASB Has the Resources to Keep You Up to Date
The benefits of renewing your Employee Handbook subscription and a look at updates to the Policy Resource Guide


Departments and Columns

Looking Back, But Moving Ahead
John Ashley

Legal Comment
Administration of Medication for Pupils

Association News
Event brings school finance experts together, provides opportunity for discussion

Employee Relations
Selecting Impartial Hearing Officers
Joy Gänder

Financial Literacy in the Classroom
Amber Hartl

Governance Matters
How can a board work to smoothly integrate new members?
Deb Gurke

From the President
WASB president urges school board members to serve as mentors
Patrick Sherman

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