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Episode 40 Show Notes


Dr. Dipesh Navsaria, a Madison pediatrician, says that what happens to a child in their first few years of life can have profound consequences for their school years and beyond. Dr. Navsaria is the keynote to the 2023 Summer Leadership Institute, a two-day conference held in Green Bay July 14 and 15 by the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.

In a preview of his July keynote, we’ll talk about what matters in those early years. The single most important factor in child health, he explains, is loving relationships.

We also talk about the role of stress — when it’s good, when it’s bad and how it can affect a child’s behavior in school.

When educators see erratic behavior, they may not see the experiences that held to explain that behavior. It causes adults to ask the wrong questions to explain a child’s behavior, he says.

Dr. Navsaria also hosts other podcasts, including:

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