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Episode 32 Show Notes

Every fall, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards travels around the state to provide an update to members and give them an opportunity to share a meal.

Fall Regional Meetings are once again underway. This month’s episode is a mini-regional meeting in podcast form. We’ll start by taking a few minutes with our executive director, John Ashley, to talk about fall colors, supper clubs, member visits and other reasons these events are special for him.

Legislative updates have long been part of regional meetings. We’ll also hear a legislative update — including a peak into discussions around the next two-year state budget — from government relations staff Dan Rossmiller and Chris Kulow.

Finally, before each Fall Regional Meeting a WASB attorney will lead a workshop on running effective board meetings. We’ll hear from Associate Executive Director and Staff Counsel Bob Butler about why that’s an important topic and give you some tips to bring to your board.

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