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Bonus Episode Show Notes


School boards meet to conduct business. At the same time, these meetings are a chance for the public to weigh in.
Balancing these aims isn’t always easy during tumultuous times. The Wisconsin Association of School Boards in October held a three-part webinar series about managing challenging school board meetings.
This bonus episode is comprised of the second of those webinars, which addresses holding school board meetings. It includes a conversation among WASB Associate Executive Director and Staff Counsel Bob Butler and WASB consultants Dan Nerad and Louise Blankenheim, both former superintendents.
Our hosts didn’t follow a presentation, but we did share this supplemental guide on holding public meetings.
Parts 1 and 3 in this series covered preparing for the meeting and post-meeting activities. Find recordings at our Online Events page (scroll down to “Recent Complimentary Online Events”).
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