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BoardDocs® Policy Management Platform

The WASB has partnered with BoardDocs to provide member school districts with direct, cost-effective access to the BoardDocs Policy Management Platform, an online policy hosting and management resource.

With this service, a school district will have access to a convenient web-based platform that will allow the district to self-manage the entire policy lifecycle—from draft policies that are under consideration to active policies and an archive of retired policies. The BoardDocs Policy Management Platform also allows the district to provide the community with user-friendly electronic access to all of the district’s active policies using the district’s existing website as a portal.

The BoardDocs Policy Management Platform facilitates a school district’s internal collaboration in connection with policy development, simplifies the process of providing electronic access to policies and related resources, and promotes efficiency throughout the process.

The BoardDocs Policy Management Platform:
  • supports the management of multiple books (e.g., school board policies, administrative rules, forms/exhibits, handbooks, etc.)
  • supports locally defined policy categories, code numbers, and policy titles
  • minimizes problems with version control of draft and final policies
  • includes robust word-processing and editing/layout capabilities
  • allows role-specific access (e.g., editing versus view only)
  • allows full-text searching on local district content as well as access to non-district content through BoardDocs MetaSearch
  • permits electronic linking to internal and external resources and reference material (e.g., to the state statutes)
  • and more!

The BoardDocs Policy Management Platform is for districts that do not already have an online policy management system in place or are looking for a better, more cost-effective system. Districts that subscribe to BoardDocs LT or BoardDocs Pro Meeting Management Systems have all of the functionality of the Policy Management Platform built in. For WASB member districts, the BoardDocs Policy Management Platform is $1,600 per year. WASB Policy Resource Guide subscribers receive a $1,000 annual discount with an annual fee of $600 per year.

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