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BoardDocs eGovernance Systems

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Policy Management Platform

Policy Management

  • Manage and publish multiple policy books (policies, procedures, handbooks)
  • Complete policy development with track changes; internal access to draft policies
  • Archiving of retired policies
  • Public view of active policies
  • Policy cross-referencing


  • Search (including metasearch of public documents from similar organizations)
  • Social media sharing
  • Support for major software platforms and internet-connected tablets
  • Document word processing-style formatting
BoardDocs LT
Meeting Management System

All of the features of the BoardDocs Policy Management Platform as well as:

Meeting Management

  • Entry-level online board meeting management system
  • Electronically publish and revise agenda items
  • Electronically publish and revise support documents
  • Import correspondence
  • Customizable packets
  • Agenda-item security
  • Video and audio connectivity


  • On-site training

BoardDocs LT Plus Available

  • Manage and control meetings and minutes separately for related boards and committees
  • Designate different publishers or different boards and committees

(Districts with charter school governing boards may be interested in the Plus version of BoardDocs LT or Pro.)

BoardDocs Pro
Meeting Management System

All of the features of the Policy Management Platform and BoardDocs LT as well as:

Meeting Management

  • Private annotations (sticky notes)
  • Role-based email notifications
  • Customizable agenda items workflow process with track changes, notes and approval trees
  • Link and track board goals to agenda items
  • Comprehensive live meeting management to record roll call, votes and action details


  • Calendar of events
  • Track board goals
  • Board member pages
  • Library of documents

BoardDocs Pro Plus Available

Same features of BoardDocs LT Plus as well as:

  • Create separate workflows and approval processes
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