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Next Tuesday, Nov. 6, is the Fall General Election.  In this month’s tip we will provide information on how to determine who is on your ballot and how to research their positions on the issues.

What’s on the ballot on Tuesday? 

Determine who your candidates are. At My Vote Wisconsin you can enter your address to see what races will be on your ballot Nov. 6.

Do some research on the positions of the candidates. Wisconsin Eye has over 100 interviews with candidates which asks for thoughts on K-12 Education among other issues. You can also search for candidate websites which typically contain some type of platform.

Find you polling place.  My Vote Wisconsin also has an address search for polling places.

When in doubt, utilize My Vote Wisconsin as a one stop shop for the above information as well as how to register to vote and photo ID requirements.

As a non-partisan membership association the WASB does not endorse candidates but does encourage school board members to turn out to vote for the candidates of their choice on Nov. 6.

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