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2022 New School Board Member Gatherings

Event description

In April 2022, the WASB held 14 New School Board Member Trainings around Wisconsin to help newly elected school board members deepen their understanding of the laws that affect board service.

The presentation is available here.

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Open Meetings Law

In order to avoid the perception that a board is violating the Open Meetings Law, a district may wish to post a notice, in accordance with its local board policy, that communicates to the community that a certain number of board members and/or other district officials will be attending the New School Board Member Gathering. This type of notice should explicitly state that the board will not convene or conduct any board business during the meeting. Please see below for a WASB legal comment that addresses these type of open meeting law issues in the context of our joint convention which are analogous to a New School Board Member Gathering.

WASB Legal Comment

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