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2021 Online New Board Member Trainings

New board members are invited to participate in two complimentary webinars designed specifically to help them get started in their new role. Both trainings will be recorded.

Legal Roles & Responsibilities Webinar

(Same content each day)

Webinar Recording

To be effective leaders, school board members must be cognizant of their legal roles and responsibilities. In this webinar, an experienced WASB school attorney will take a deeper dive into the key areas of Wisconsin law, including:
• Open meetings,
• Public records,
• Conflicts of interest, and
• A board’s power and duties.

Presentation Materials

Key Work of School Boards Webinar

(Same content each day)

Webinar Recording

Research shows that the more effective the board, the better a school district’s students perform. In every decision and every action, the school board governance role centers on improving student learning outcomes. In this webinar, learn about the five core areas school boards should focus on to be effective:
• Vision
• Accountability
• Policy
• Community Leadership
• Board/Superintendent Relationship

Presentation Materials

No registration required. Links to the webinars will be posted one or two days before the event is scheduled.

Note: The content covered in the two webinars will be similar to the content traditionally provided in the traditional April New Board Member Gatherings and May Spring Workshops.

Greetings to New Board Members From WASB Executive Director John Ashley

Image Webinars and Online Workshop Photo

Are you a new board member?

Use the Introduction to Board Service Program, a component of the Member Recognition Program, for assistance in selecting workshops and sessions in your first years of office.

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