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2019 Fall Regional Meetings and Workshops

The Fall Regional Meetings take place in every WASB region across the state and provide an opportunity to network with area board members, celebrate accomplishments and learn about what WASB is doing for you. In Regions 2, 5, 7, 11 and 15, your board will be voting for a WASB regional director. (WASB directors serve staggered three-year terms.) The Regional Meetings will feature an in-depth legislative update from one of our government relations experts and a report from WASB Executive Director John Ashley. Prior to the Regional Meetings, an optional workshop will be held on teacher retention and compensation. The briefing will be conducted by an experienced WASB attorney.

Download the pre-regional meeting workshop presentation here.

View the governmental relations presentation here


WASB President Brett Hyde Welcomes Members

Member Recognition Program Images


If your region’s meeting has occurred, click on your region in the map below to view and download images of your board members receiving certificates:

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