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Top 10 Reasons

to Attend the State Education Convention

1. Re-energize yourself.

Everyone needs to the opportunity to get rejuvenated and renew their commitment to making a difference in their local districts.

2. Be inspired.

The successes and failures of others can provide new ideas and inspiration for tackling your own challenges.

3. Develop your skills.

The needs of school districts and their students are constantly evolving and expanding. School leaders need professional development to be as effective and efficient as possible.

4. Share your expertise.

We are in this together. Share your expertise with other districts so they can benefit from what you know and have experienced.

5. Be part of the solution.

Working together, we are a strong, unified voice for public education. Attend the convention to better understand the issues so you can be a part of the solution.

6. Model lifelong learning.

There is always something new to learn that would benefit your district. Be a model in lifelong learning for your students and your community.

7. Find common interests and concerns.

If you thought your district was the only one dealing with a particular issue — think again!

8. Connect with colleagues.

The convention is the perfect place to meet individuals who share your passion for education. Network with people who are as energetic and committed as you are.

9. Grow as a team.

Attend as a district team. Review the agenda, select topics of interest and send each board member and administrator to a different workshop or breakout session to maximize the learning for your district.

10. Exercise leadership.

You are a leader in your local community. Attend the convention because you want to make a difference for the students in your district and across the state.

Wisconsin State Education Convention
122 W. Washington Ave., Suite 400 · Madison, WI 53703
toll-free 877-705-4422 ph 608-257-2622 · fax 608-257-8386


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