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On-Site Registration Hours and Locations

Tuesday, January 18

11 am – 6 pm Wisconsin Center, 3rd Floor

Wednesday, January 19

7 am – 5 pm Wisconsin Center, 3rd Floor

[Delegates: Pick up credentials on Jan. 19 at 9 am – 1:30 pm outside Ballroom AB, 1st Floor, Wisconsin Center.]

Thursday, January 20

8 am – 3 pm Wisconsin Center, 3rd Floor

Friday, January 21

7 am – 12 pm Wisconsin Center, 1st Floor

One person from a district or organization may pick up all of the badges for that entity. If you are together, feel free to go to the same registration booth at the same time (staff can look up attendees by organization and can check in everyone at the same time).

Wisconsin State Education Convention
122 W. Washington Ave., Suite 400 · Madison, WI 53703
toll-free 877-705-4422 ph 608-257-2622 · fax 608-257-8386


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