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Frequently Asked Questions for 2021


What is the registration cost for the 2021 convention?

The registration fee is $240 per person.

There is no early bird or registration deadline. We strongly encourage members to be registered by early January so we can be sure to have everyone uploaded to the system and ready to go. But we will take registrations during and after the convention as well.

There are no additional add-ons this year (meals, tours, etc.) during the registration process.

Use the online system to register members.

The registration form is available for your convenience. Convention Costs Form

Group Rebates

Given the circumstances this year, we wanted to offer discounted group rates. Unfortunately, our registration system doesn’t allow for that in a simple, straightforward manner. So, to keep things easier for you, we will offer group rebates after the convention if you register five or more members.

  • 1-4 registrations: $240 per person
  • 5-8 registrations: $240 per person with 10% rebate of total registration costs per organization
  • 9+ registrations: $240 per person with 15% rebate of total registration costs per organization

The rebates will begin to be issued in mid-February. There is nothing further districts will need to do to claim their rebate. We will audit our registration list and send rebates automatically.

Canceled and guest registrations will NOT count towards the rebates.

Spouses are welcome to attend the convention, but they will be charged the standard rate.

What is the cancellation policy for the 2021 convention?

Cancellations will be accepted until Friday, Jan. 8. After that date, no refunds will be issued. All convention general and breakout sessions will be recorded and available throughout 2021. So, even if a member is not able to participate at the last minute in the live event, he or she will still get access to all recordings.

What are the technology needs for the 2021 convention?

To participate in the live, virtual convention, attendees will need:


  • Access to a computer with a stable internet connection
  • Access to a computer with a microphone and camera if he/she wants to interact with other attendees and/or exhibitors
  • A firewall that allows access to Zoom (It is not required, but we encourage attendees to download the Zoom app ahead of time to ensure that it works for them on their device. Navigate to and follow the instructions.)
  • Attendees will NOT be able to access the live, virtual event via the convention app. The app can be used to view the agenda and link to the recordings after the convention. But attendees will need to use the link sent to them via email or posted on the homepage of the convention website to access the live event.
Where can I find a 2021 convention agenda suitable for printing?

We are using two online platforms to manage the convention and create an interactive experience for members. The agenda is on both platforms but only one allows for printing. So, use this link to print the agenda:

Important: The link above CANNOT be used to access the live event. It links to our convention management tool, NOT the live, virtual convention. Use the link on the convention home page to access the live event in January.

The agenda will be mailed to all members in early January too. The pdf of that document will be posted on the convention website as well in January and will be printable.

What is the virtual platform for the 2021 convention?

View the video above for more information about the platform. 

We’ve also scheduled a pair of live walkthroughs so we can answer your questions in real time. Join us at noon or 7 pm on Monday, Jan. 18 by clicking this link. The passcode is 225773.

What do I need to know about the 2021 Delegate Assembly?

More information about the Delegate Assembly 

There are two meetings for delegates:

  1. The Pre-Delegate Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 7 pm. This is an optional meeting for delegates to learn more about the resolutions and how the voting process will work. The Pre-Delegate Meeting will be held via Zoom separate from the convention. Delegates will be emailed the link ahead of time.
  2. The Delegate Assembly on Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 1:30 pm. The official Delegate Assembly will be held in conjunction with the convention. Thus, delegates will need to log in to the convention virtual event and join the Delegate Assembly through that platform.

Delegates do NOT need to be registered for the convention in order to participate in the Delegate Assembly. If they are not registered for the convention, a delegate can log into the convention virtual event but will only be able to access the Delegate Assembly. He or she will NOT be able to join any other session.

It will be very important that we know the names delegates ahead of time since our virtual system will need to be pre-programmed with participant names.

If you have a change at the last minute, we will do our best to accommodate it, of course. But we would greatly appreciate keeping last minute changes to a minimum so we can ensure that everyone can access the Delegate Assembly in a timely manner. If your delegate changes, please email the new person’s name to

Please be sure that your delegate has the same technology availability that is referenced above, particularly if he or she wants to speak to a resolution during the Delegate Assembly.

How do I find the recordings after the convention?
All general and breakout sessions will be recorded. The convention agenda will be populated with the recordings as soon as possible following the live event. The agenda will remain live throughout 2021.

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