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2022 Convention Recorded Sessions

Want to expand your learning? Sign up to access the 2022 convention’s recorded sessions.

At the convention, eight select breakout sessions along with two keynote speakers will be recorded.

Any WASB member can access the recordings by signing up for the 2022 Convention Recorded Sessions program. The fee is $95. Convention attendees can sign up for the discounted rate of $55.

To sign up: Use the online convention registration system. If you are already registered for the convention and want to add access to the recorded sessions, contact the WASB at or call 608-257-2622.

Participants will be sent an email with access instructions to the recorded sessions, which will remain available through December 2022.

Breakout Sessions:


Wednesday, Jan. 19
8 am: Managing Public Participation During School Board Meetings

Effectively managing public comment time during school board meetings can present a difficult balancing act for school boards. While providing regular opportunities for members of the public to offer input is important, school boards also need to carefully manage meeting time, encourage constructive discourse, and maintain control if speakers get out of line or become aggressive. This session will identify the relevant legal and policy considerations school boards can use to guide decisions during meetings or refine their current approach to public participation.

  • Scott Mikesh, Legal and Policy Services Counsel, Wisconsin Association of School Boards
  • Ben Richter, Staff Counsel, Wisconsin Association of School Boards

103 C/D/E, WI Center

1:30 pm: Our Journey to Diversify our Teaching Staff

Research shows that students of color are more successful when they have a teacher of color. In this session, Greendale Schools will share their journey of increasing the diversity of their teaching staff to be more reflective of their student demographics. Beginning with a community call for action, the district has focused on a Welcoming Diversity Action Plan and the steps they have taken to attract more candidates of color, and what they have done to support educators of color once they have joined the district. Through a partnership with The New Teacher Project, the district took specific actions to increase the diversity of their teaching staff.

  • Kimberly Amidzich, Superintendent, Greendale School District
  • Julie Grotophorst, Director of Human Resources, Greendale School District
  • Maggy Olson, Director of Equity & Instruction, Greendale School District

103 C/D/E, WI Center

3:30 pm: The School District Budget Cycle: A Primary Management Tool

The school district budget is one of the primary management tools for school administrators and boards. Its primary purpose is to translate the district’s strategic initiatives into programs and services that support student learning. Referencing the WASB/WASBO Budget Cycle Handbook (available in the convention bookstore), this presentation will discuss revenue sources and limits, budget planning and development, reconciliation and approval, budget management and reporting. Board members in attendance will have an opportunity to share their best practices.

  • Ben Niehaus, Director of Member Services, Wisconsin Association of School Boards
  • Mike Barry, Executive Director, Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials

103 C/D/E, WI Center

Thursday, Jan. 20
8:45 am: The Future Economy: What School Leaders Need to Know

Change is happening at a pace faster than any other time in history. In this session, participants will get insight into how labor market trends are shifting, what these changes will mean for our future economy and the importance of prioritizing career readiness, and how public and private  partners are working together to provide easy-to-access resources and support for all districts in Wisconsin.

  • Judy Mueller, District Administrator, Franklin School District
  • Karin Smith, Academic and Career Planning and Dual Enrollment Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Susan Koehn, Vice President, Talent and Industry Partnerships, Milwaukee7
  • Mary Gavigan, Executive Director, CESA 1
  • Lonnie Vincent, Co-Owner, New Plastics

103 C/D/E, WI Center

10:45 am: Data Governance for Effective Data Use

Learn how a district’s data governance team is empowering district leaders to leverage the strategic and operational insights within their data. The Elmbrook School District has developed a structured framework driven by their strategic initiatives, each of which is aligned with a set of clear targets against which the district is measuring its progress. Attendees will discover how their organizational strategy is informing goal setting and progress evaluation — and the role their centralized data hub is playing to support decision makers at all levels within the organization.

  • Mark Hansen, Superintendent, School District of Elmbrook

103 C/D/E, WI Center


1:45 pm: Grounded in the Science of Reading: Best Practices for Improving Reading Outcomes

How do we ensure equitable access to evidence-based reading instruction for all students? Some states are adopting comprehensive early literacy policies focused on supports for educators, students and families to improve reading proficiency by the end of third grade. In this session, participants will hear the research on why instruction grounded in the science of reading supports reading proficiency and learn about the components of a comprehensive approach to improve literacy outcomes statewide.

Kymyona Burk, Senior Policy Fellow, Foundation for Excellence in Education

103 C/D/E, WI Center

Note: The presenter will be presenting live via Zoom. An on-site facilitator will be available to relay questions and ensure a successful, interactive session.

Friday, Jan. 22
8 am: Implement an Effective Emergency Operations Plan

Wisconsin Act 143 requires public school districts and private schools to submit an emergency operations plan each January to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Office of School Safety. This session’s presenters will review the process to develop a school safety plan, utilize best practices and integrate important community partner collaborations.

  • Jay Jones, District Administrator, Omro School District
  • Tom Wohlleber, Executive Director, Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association
  • Susan Whitstone, Deputy Director, Wisconsin Department of Justice, Office of School Safety

103 C/D/E, WI Center


9:15 am: Wrap Around Equity: Arms Around the Community

Community support is essential in every student having access to a high-quality education. Attendees of this breakout session will learn how one district is engaging the community in efforts to transform teaching and learning and create an equitable outcome for every student. They will share highlights and lessons learned from meaningful partnerships including leadership teams, a Community Equity Ally Academy and a community dialogue series about the history of racism, The Humanity Project. Participants will leave with concrete examples and details of options for creating similar opportunities of advancing understanding and equity for all.

  • Linda Uselmann, Board Vice President, Fond du Lac School District
  • Susan Jones, Board Secretary, Fond du Lac School District

103 C/D/E, WI Center


Keynote Speakers


Wednesday, Jan. 19
Ravi Hutheesing

Ravi’s journey as a rock star, aviator and U.S. State Department cultural diplomat is an inspiring example of how to pivot and succeed in an ever-changing world.

He is the first American-born descendant of India’s first family (which includes prime ministers Nehru and Gandhi), but his worldwide visibility skyrocketed in 1997 as the guitarist of triple Grammy nominee, Hanson. The group performed at the White House, Madison Square Garden, Saturday Night Live, Today Show and more.

Ravi later became a pilot and aviation speaker, helping the industry attract new student pilots. In 2015, the U.S. State Department began sponsoring his cultural programs in Russia, Indonesia, Iraq and Lebanon.

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Thursday, Jan. 20
Brandon Fleming

Brandon Fleming’s story of struggle, success, and service has inspired millions around the world.

An at-risk youth and college dropout turned award-winning educator, Fleming is an assistant debate coach at Harvard University and founder/CEO of the Harvard Diversity Project. Fleming was recruited to join the Harvard debate faculty at the age of 26. Harvard later approved Fleming’s proposal to establish a new department within the university system called the Harvard Diversity Project – an unprecedented pipeline program.

Fleming has established a groundbreaking organization that is pipelining Black youth into Ivy League and elite colleges and universities, including Harvard, Yale and Stanford, on full scholarship. Fleming’s story, erudition and achievements have enabled him to use his voice to inspire and impact lives in places ranging from federal prisons to the United Nations General Assembly.

“Miseducated: A Memoir,” released in June 2021, is about Fleming’s journey – in life and language – from being an at-risk youth and a college dropout to becoming an award-winning Harvard educator.

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