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Wisconsin School Employment & Labor Law Review

publication retired June 2017
(Beginning July 2017, the employment, personnel, and human resources topics previously covered in the Review will appear exclusively in the Legal & Policy Newsletter. The content will be consolidated in a clearly-titled section that is dedicated to employment, labor law, and human resources topics. Our goal in making this transition is to provide WASB members with more concise and timely access to the information and legal updates that are important for school leaders whose role includes personnel administration and human resource management. In addition, if a specific topic ever warrants more extensive treatment than is appropriate for the newsletter format, the newsletter may link to a separate memorandum or other similar resource.)

The Review

The WASB Legal & Human Resources Services staff wrote and edited the Wisconsin School Employment & Labor Law Review. The Review provided timely information on many bargaining, employment and labor law issues, but the publication retained a primary focus on Wisconsin school district labor relations. The Review kept your school district up-to-date on:

  • State-wide bargaining trends and issues
  • Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC) labor relations decisions
  • School district grievance arbitration decisions
  • School district interest arbitration decisions
  • Employment law decisions from the state and federal courts
  • New laws affecting bargaining and personnel management issues

The Review was designed to provide authoritative general information, with commentary, as a service to WASB members. The publication should not be relied upon as legal advice. If required, legal advice regarding the topics in the publication should be obtained from the school district’s legal counsel.

The Review Archives

To access the archives of the Wisconsin School Employment & Labor Law Review , click on the volume number below. For articles appearing in Volume 36 and earlier, WASB members may contact the Legal & Human Resources Services staff.

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