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Legislative Update

Governor signs bill allowing for continued funding of OSS through the next budget cycle

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Legislative Update Blog, State Issue

Today, Governor Tony Evers signed AB 1050 into law as 2023 Wisconsin Act 240. The bill will allow the Office of School Safety to use funds raised through concealed carry permit fees to continue funding their operations. This stopgap measure authored by Sen. Quinn and Rep. Novak, only allows for these measures to stay in effect through the next budget cycle. Both Quinn and Novak attempted to get OSS funding in the 2023-25 budget cycle but were unsuccessful in their attempts. Legislators will have to appropriate more money to the office in the next budget cycle, or OSS will risk closure or a significant reduction in services.
The WASB supports the services OSS provides to our members and thanks these lawmakers and Governor Evers for their continued efforts in bringing this bill across the finish line. Read below to see the governor’s press release.

2023 Wisconsin Act 240

  • Creates 14.2 Full-Time Equivalent PR project positions in DOJ’s Office of School Safety; and

  • Funds the positions using revenue collected by the department through fees to conduct background checks on handgun purchases and for licenses to carry concealed weapons.

“I’m glad that we were able to reach a bipartisan consensus to fund these additional positions so the Office of School Safety can continue their current operations, help prevent school violence, and keep our kids safe, including through the Speak Up, Speak Out tipline, which provides an important resource for kids, families, educators, and staff alike,” said Gov. Evers. 

WASB Resolution Adopted at the 2024 Delegate Assembly

The WASB supports state funding and staff to maintain the functions of the Office of School Safety, including but not limited to grants for schools, trainings for school staff and law enforcement on preventing and mitigating school violence, and maintenance of the 24-hour hotline to confidentially report potential threats.

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